Double chins are a common concern for persons who want a well-sculpted jawline. The condition is caused by genetics, age and other factors. Belkyra is a revolutionary cosmetic treatment that helps you eliminate your double chin permanently without the need for incisions or scars. 

You no longer need surgery or liposuction to reshape the sagging skin around the neck and chin. Belkyra is an injectable treatment that targets the submental fat that rests under the chin. The treatment restores a youthful look on the face and is quite effective in targeting fats that exercise and diet can’t target.

Permanent fat dissolver

Belkyra is a formulation of deoxycholic acid. It is a synthesized man-made form of bile acid that the body uses to absorb fats that are produced by the body. When it is injected into a target area, Belkyra destroys the fat cells. The best thing is that the results are permanent because the fat cell membrane ruptures and the fat cells are destroyed completely.

You have to eat healthily and exercise because if you gain weight, your body will produce additional fat cells. Touchup treatments can be done to regain results if you regain weight

Double chin Treatment

Treatment of a double chin using the Belkyra treatment can take as little as 5 minutes. A series of injections are placed in a pattern on areas under the chin using a needle. The deoxycholic acid causes the fat cell membrane to rupture, and the fat cells are destroyed permanently. Oftentimes, the fullness in your chin area will diminish in 2 to 3 treatments.

Unlike Botox injections and dermal fillers, with Belkyra, the results will be permanent. You should, however, maintain a healthy diet and exercise because if you gain weight, your body will produce more fat cells.

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